Our Team

Meet the Enchanting Team of Doha Magic Adventures

Our team is a dynamic blend of passionate travel enthusiasts, dedicated to curating unforgettable experiences in Qatar. From the creative wizards crafting captivating tours to the logistical maestros ensuring seamless adventures, together, we conjure the magic of Doha and unveil it to the world. With a touch of enchantment and a dash of enthusiasm, we turn your travel dreams into reality. Welcome to the heart and soul of Doha Magic Adventures!

  • Natalia Sieverina - Sales & Marketing Manager

    Our Sales & Marketing Maestro conjures marketing spells that ignite wanderlust, ensuring Doha Magic Adventures casts its allure far and wide.

  • Zoriana Lavreniuk - Tour Guide & Photographer

    The magical duo, our Tour Guide & Photographer, escorts you through Qatar's wonders, capturing your adventures in mesmerizing frames.

  • Marycris Andaya - Executive Secretary

    At "Doha Magic Adventures," our dynamo Executive Secretary effortlessly orchestrates the enchanting symphony of our daily operations, weaving administrative magic.

  • Joshua Mwita - Driver & Coordinator

    The navigational wizard and logistical maestro, our Driver and Coordinator, whisk you away on seamless journeys through Qatar's enchantment.